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The group at the Laser Lab have just finished publishing a new journal article titled “Rapid, chemical free generation of optically scattering structures in poly(ethylene terephthalate) using a CO2 laser for lightweight and flexible photovoltaic applications” in the International Journal of Photoenergy. The paper looks at the use of a chemical-free CO2 laser based process to generate surfaces capable of scattering light in transparent PET substrates. These light scattering substrates have the potential to enhance the absorption of light in photovoltaic cells, particularly organic based photovoltaic devices. In this work we demonstrate a 17 fold increase (from ~3.3 % to ~55.4 %) in the haze (proportion of transmitted light that has been scattered) of the structured surfaces when compared with the unprocessed PET.


The article is open access and can be found here.